Everything You Need to Know About Hot Wheels

everything you need to know about hot wheels facts

Going through a successful brand’s history can be extremely lengthy especially when they are five decades old. But it is also an interesting aspect to go through a brief history of Hot Wheels and a little Quick Facts to speed up your knowledge behind the brand. Here’s everything you need to know about Hot Wheels:-

What is a Die-cast Toy?

Hot Wheels 2019 Porsche 930 RWB Casting Mold

Before we look deeper into the rich history of this wonderful hobby, we must start with the very basic. The term die-cast toy refers to any toy or collectible model produced by using the die casting method of putting molten lead or zinc allow in a mold to produce a particular shape. Such toys are made of metal, with plastic, rubber, glass, or other machined metal parts.

A complete plastic toy are made by a similar process of injecting moulding, but the two methods are distinct because of the properties of the materials.

Hot Wheels Porsche 930 RWB 2019 Limited Edition.

The Die-Cast Car

Hot Wheels is the number 1 selling toy in the world

The Hot Wheels is the number one selling toy in the world, based on units, and to this day remains about one-dollar per car in retail. The Hot Wheels design team consists of experts from across diverse industries.

Many of them come from major auto manufacturers, entertainment studios, and some are toy industry experts. Every designer infuses the freedom and joy of driving as well as inspired self-expression into each design.

Hot Wheels Chevrolet Camaro Sema 2017

Die-Cast Fun Facts

Hot Wheels Original Sweet 16 Cars

Each car in “The Sweet 16” is a Hot Wheels original with customised design by real-life vehicles. The 1969 Rear-Loader Beach Bomb is known as the holy grail of Hot Wheels cars, and worth an estimate of $150,000. There are only 40 known models in the world. One of the most expensive Hot Wheels collections belongs to Hot Wheels super collector Bruce Pascal. It is worth more than $1 million.

Hot Wheels Pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb Rear Loader

One of Hot Wheels first car partnerships was with automotive giant General Motors and its Chevrolet brand. Together, Hot Wheels and Chevrolet released their first Corvette die-cast, the only car that Hot Wheels has released every year since its inception.

Die-Cast Car Culture

Magnus Walker 911 Hot Wheels from reality to toy car

Hot Wheels partners with auto enthusiast across the spectrum of car culture, from traditional automotive companies and Japanese street racers, to famed auto icons such as Magnus Walker and the “Fast N Loud” TV show. Hot Wheels has created more than 20,000 designs and produced over six billion cars since 1968, making the brand one of the largest “automotive manufacturers” in the world.

Hot Wheels teamed up with famed celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills to create a jewel-encrusted die-cast car to celebrate the brand’s four billionth car and it took over 600 man hours to create. The car is currently in the Hot Wheels vault for safe keeping.

Most Expensive Hot Wheels Car Diamond Jewel Encrusted

Hot Wheels has designed a die-cast toy car for nearly every car ever manufactured and has customised some of the most iconic cars in the world including Dodge Dart, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Porsche 911, and Volkswagen Beetle to name a few.

The Orange Track

An iconic orange track system has been a part of Hot Wheels brand. The first track set was sold alongside Hot Wheels original vehicles, and was designed by Mattel engineer Marjorie Ann M. Smith, a.k.a “Margie” in 1967.

Today, this instantly recognisable track is the ket to the entire connectable system of Hot Wheels play, allowing endless opportunities for kids to challenge their favourite Hot Wheels vehicles.

Hot Wheels Orange Track

Hot Wheels chose orange track because just like the cars, Hot Wheels are created for kids that were attracted to bright colours. The colour has remained the same for the past 50 years.

Each year, Hot Wheels introduces new track systems where kids can race, crash, and smash their Hot Wheels vehicles. By design, each new set is bigger and faster than the one before with special innovations, boosters, and design elements with provide new challenges for kids that are rooted in creativity, experimentation, and competition.

By allowing kids to try, fail, and repeat with every loop, jump and stunt they create, Hot Wheels presents a unique challenge to kids through track play. The open-ended play allows kids to build higher jumps and harder loops to create new experiences every time.

Hot Wheels best selling play set The Criss Cross Crash

The best-selling track set in the brand’s history is “Criss Cross Crash.” Released in 1979, the set comes with more than 16 feet of track and includes hairpin turns, motorised boosters and multiple giant crash zones that allow kids to load their cars in for spectacular near misses and high-speed wipeouts.

More Than Just a Toy

Hot Wheels Nissan Fairlady Z Kaido House NFS Need For Speed

Hot Wheels is more than just a toy, it has evolved into a lifestyle brand. Over the past years, Hot Wheels has grown beyond a core toy audience and has expanded its footprint to reach older kids with gaming and content.

Since 2014, Hot Wheels has successfully lent its iconic IP to some of the most successful racing games in the world including “Forza” and “Need for Speed”. The brand’s strategy is to leverage experts to create compelling games, while also leveraging these partners ‘ existing fan bases to bring new fans into the world of Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels Forza Horizon 3 game play feature

Beginning in 2014, Hot Wheels had a successful integration into “Forza Motorsport 5”. This success attracted other major racing game developers, resulting in the brand’s inclusion over a dozen games that are daring, challenging and fun.

Quick Facts

The first Hot Wheels car to be sold were “THE SWEET 16”

Hot Wheels was first introduced in 1968 the toy industry during NEW YORK TOY FAIR

The first Hot Wheels car off the line was a dark blue CUSTOM CAMARO

Hot Wheels 1968 Custom Camaro RLC Red Line Club

Hot Wheels BIRTHDAY is celebrated on MAY 18

OVER 6 BILLION Hot Wheels has been produced since 1968

OVER 20,000 different variations of Hot Wheels car exist

The average kid in the U.S. owns 50 HOT WHEELS

Hot Wheels are sold in over 150 COUNTRIES

519 MILLION Hot Wheels are produced per year

10 MILLION Hot Wheels are produced per week

16.5 HOT WHEELS are produced per second

2 BILLION WHEELS are produced per year

The first life-size Hot Wheels was the Twin Mill in 2001. Hot Wheels currently has a total of 20 LIFE-SIZE CARS

Hot Wheels Life Size Fleet 50th Anniversary

Hot Wheels has over 350 PARTNERS

Hot Wheels partners with nearly every auto manufacturer in the WORLD

Hot Wheels has broken THREE-WORLD RECORDS


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