Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 – The best GTR you can buy?

Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox

The Tanner Fox Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GT-R Guaczilla 2.0 premium version was only released from the TFox brand website as a bundle package with several in-house merchandise including the highly sought after limited edition Hot Wheels Guazilla 2.0 in an iconic “Toy Fair” acrylic case. It was originally retailed at $119 USD on 1st of October 2018, with a rumoured limited run of 300-500 pieces, as speculated. The public response was towards the sale was overwhelming and by 2nd of October 2018, the official package merchandise was sold out. Check here to see the Fox Box TFox Brand x Hot Wheels Guaczilla 2.0

Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox

As an avid Hot Wheels collector myself and a love for Nissan R35 GT-Rs, I’ve decided to include this car into my personal collection. It is not simply because I was a mere fan of Tanner Fox, but because I love the fact how he turned his basic car into an iconic piece, some say it’s ugly but I think its brilliantly beautiful! The guacamole green wrap that fades into black just couldn’t get off my mind, and since I live by a principle of collecting the best, I’ve decided to splurge a small premium over retail. This was because I only found out about this car after a couple of weeks since it was initiated for sale.

Before we go in depth about the specifications and photos of the Hot Wheels premium version, let’s go through a brief history of how this project was launched and later materialised by Hot Wheels.

Who is Tanner Fox?

Tanner Fox Guaczilla 2.0

Born in 22 December 1999, Tanner Fox is an American YouTuber and scooter rider from San Diego, California. He was mainly known for his vlogs, where he broadcasted his daily life experiences, webisodes, tours, fails, “Doing Your Dares”, challenges, and more. Tanner has his own apparel and merchandise called TFox, his main career attributes from his YouTube channel’s success, which currently has an incremental growth of 8 million plus subscribers as of 2018. His most popular video is called “We Do It Best” that has over 50 million views – which is pretty impressive for an average teenage. Explore Tanner Fox’s YouTube channel here.

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Why him over other YouTubers?

Logically, Hot Wheels main target customers are suppose to be children. But over the early years the brand has found a successful place amongst adult collectors by releasing limited editions as a test bed towards their current success. It’s an obvious choice that Tanner Fox would ideally be the perfect brand ambassador to inspire his gigantic youth followers, and even perhaps being able to influence or cultivate younger Hot Wheels collectors to stay brand loyal towards this hobby. As we all probably experience loosing the desire to purchase Hot Wheels after a certain age, especially during teenage years. Hence this strategic initiative was engaged over other YouTube candidates since Fox fit’s the perfect target audience for Hot Wheels.

What is so special about his GT-R?

In August 2016, young Fox who was just 16 years of age has amassed a net worth of approximately $800,000 USD. He went ahead and bought his first dream car which was a 2010 Nissan R35 GT-R.

Tanner Fox Nissan R35 GTR Guaczilla 1.0

Famed by his YouTube success, he later traded in after a short while of ownership in exchange for the latest 2017 Nissan R35 GT-R. Just like any ordinary young guy who loves cars, he decided to modify his GT-R extensively with performance modification and a unique green wrapped which was later dubbed “Guaczilla” (see image above). By the end of 2017, he announced an extensive makeover of his 2017 GT-R which took almost a year to completion. A long list of modification was done throughout the duration, thus revealing Guaczilla 2.0 by the end of September 2018. Watch Tanner Fox announces his reveal of Guazilla 2.0 below.

Tanner Fox R35 GTR Liberty Walk Guaczilla

The Guaczilla 2.0 is unlike any other GT-R on the streets, it has a unique Liberty Walk body kit that has been infused into the original body panels, and an iconic chrome matte green that graduates into a satin black finish.

Hot Wheels x TFox Brand Collaboration

Hot Wheels sends Tanner Fox a custom GTR based on Guaczilla 1.0

Hot Wheels made a one off custom Nissan GT-R Guaczilla for Fox’s 17th birthday in December 2017. It was based off a mainline casting, featuring the iconic guacamole green wrapped with Fox’s signature on the left side of the front bumper. The card print illustrates the casting with a TFox brand logo on the top left side of the card, despite these details where implemented in place, the product’s title description was kept at minimal to just “GUACZILLA”.

Hot Wheels Tanner Fox Nissan R35 GTR Guaczilla 2.0 vs Real car

New for 2019, Hot Wheels is going to release a loosely interpreted Tanner Fox 2017 Nissan GT-R Guaczilla 2.0 under the mainline theme category Speed Blur for Hot Wheels 2019 C Case. An earlier dedicated release saw the premium limited edition version on Fox’s retail website which is characterised in the iconic Hot Wheels Toy fair acrylic case, real riders, painted bumper canards, fender and side skirt details with highly detailed tampos. Fox announces from his YouTube channel prior to the sale released that quantities are “extremely limited”.

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Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox

Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox

Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox

Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox


Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox

Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox

Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox

Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox

Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox

Personal Thoughts

After reading this post, i’m pretty sure most of you might presume i’m a Tanner Fox fan. But truth to be told, I do not even know or heard about this guy because he is much younger to me and I have zero interest in scooter riders or whatever he is doing on a daily basis. You can sort of put it as we are in total different wavelength in life. But what has appealed to me the most is his Nissan R35 GT-R, i’ve love this car since the beginning and when I saw how unique Fox’s GTR was, I knew deep down that I would do whatever it takes to attain this particular car in my Hot Wheels collection.

To be honest, the detailing on this Hot Wheels is not great. Not as great as one may have thought or expected for such a steep price, I think the Hot Wheels 2019 Toy Fair Nissan R35 GT-R is a better winner over this. The paint finishing is not superior and is unlike anything compared to the real Guazilla 2.0, as you can observe from the photos below that it is actually finished in glossy spectraflame lime green fading to a daytona grey. Hot Wheels tried their best to replicate the overall look and feel of Fox’s Guaczilla 2.0, but also wanted to cut down on the cost of manufacturing a new mold since it’s just a tiny limited production. Therefore they resulted in using the same 2014 Hot Wheels Nissan R35 GT-R casting from the mainline, and just by decorating the bumper and fender with painted canards and scope detailing.

Despite all these cost cutting flaws, I still like the car very much. You can put it as a love and hate relationship, but I have a feeling it is a keeper and I wouldn’t be letting it go so soon.

Hot Wheels 2017 Nissan GTR R35 Guaczilla 2.0 Tanner Fox TFox

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