Mr Maurice
Content Creator

A lifelong petrol-head with a passion for several other interest that somewhat doesn’t complement one another. Started his career in commercial photography, luxury fashion, tailoring, corporate branding and ended up in a Fortune 500 tech company, he is a jack of all trades with an Australian bachelor’s degree in business marketing, a dynamic thinker, a cultured curator, and utter perfectionist.

Maurice has spent most of the last decade working in retail management specialising in brand and business development, whereby he turned around a devastating designer brand into a success. He used to run an eminent luxury fashion blog focusing on niche leading designers which has inspired many, made a tiny fortune with it and develop other interest including initiating his very own traditional tailoring brand. In recent years, his personal interest transitioned into luxury vintage watches and Hot Wheels.

Life can be quite strange from one end leading to another, he was mainly influenced by a long-distance Aussie friend who reintroduce him to pick up on this past time, whereby for nostalgic and sentimental reasons, he did. When not obsessing about expensive out-of-reach watches, figuring out whether to spend his next pocket money on Tom Ford samples, or browsing through white papers, he can typically be found jetting around town looking for highly prized Hot Wheels since most of the weekends he lives in utter boredom.

This blog’s existence was establish because collecting overly priced Hot Wheels felt somewhat meaningless and he wanted a platform to showcase his unnecessary curation, whereby friends and family members couldn’t comprehend why a mature adult would seek for a child’s toy. Hence lo and behold¬†TINY CAR WEB was born!



About Me

Disclaimer by Mr Maurice

This is a personal blog, not commercially driven (yet). Pockets of the websites are still under construction, please bear with me. The main objective here is to share my personal knowledge and thoughts that I have gathered from avid collectors and seasoned retailers. Most importantly, this is a platform for me to showoff present my beloved collection, and perhaps to even inspire others to build a better collection (we literally can’t be buying everything), or frighten them to abandon this hobby.